This page will set/reset your CS password to match your eID password, and unlock your CS account. Note that your CS account is a separate account from your K-State eID account.

If your CS account name does not match your eID, you will need to contact directly in order to reset your password.

If you do not have a CS account, you will need to request an account first.


This does not synchronize your CS and eID accounts together. Changes made later to either account will not be automatically applied to the other. Using this form performs a one-time, one-way password synchronization from your eID account to your CS account.


Be safe when entering your credentials, and don't be a victim of phishing scams! CS Sysadmins will never ask you for your password, period. Before you do anything:

  • Verify that the URL above is
  • Verify that the connection between you and our webserver is encrypted using HTTPS (look for a lock icon or https:// before the URL).

If one or the other is not right, DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR CREDENTIALS; you may either be submitting to a look-alike phishing site, or your credentials will be sent unencrypted across the internet and intercepted by an unauthorized third party.

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